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Daily Plan SoftBank 303ZT(7GB)
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Daily Plan SoftBank 303ZT(7GB)

Rental Fee(tax included):
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Daily Plan
Compensation Wi-Fi
This is a plan for daily-rate rental within a month.
*For one-month rental extending to following month, apply "Monthly 1 (available for the rental extending the following month)"

[ Notes on Usage ]
・The fee that we charge customers includes carriage costs for both delivery and return, rental fee, and insurance (if you join).
Since carriage for delivery and return are already included in a package plan, customers need not to pay for delivery fee when returning the device.
・Rental fee "from the 1st to the last day of the month" is calculated at the end of each month.
For rental extending to the following month, the fees are calculated at the end of each month.
・Rental for 15 days or more within a month, charges a monthly fee¥5,100 (tax excluded).
・Rental fee is charged regardless whether you have connected internet or not.
・If monthly data transfer usage exceeds 7GB, maximum transfer speeds will be limited to 128kbps (both upload and download) until the end of the month.
・If data transfer usage for the last three days exceeds 1GB, maximum transfer speed will be limited to 128kbps from 6:00 am on the day to 6:00 am on the following day.

Click below to check the coverage area for device.
SoftBank area
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Safe Compensation Service

Wi-Fi Compensation Service  ¥300/month (tax excluded)

This compensation service covers half the price of rental device for damage beyond repair, loss, and theft.
*Without the service, actual costs should be charged for the prices below at most.
Wi-Fi:¥42,000, PC (all the models):¥59,800
iPadAIR2:¥67,800, iPadRetina Wifi:¥46,800
Select "Apply" from the compensation choices to apply for the service.

Please select the presence or absence of compensation